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A BCS Story: Bulk Chemical Plants

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BCS McLean, IL

BCS LLC brought their vision to live with FarmChem’s full scale 3D rendering and hands on approach to bulk site development.

BCS, LLC - McLean, IL

A state of the art bulk chemical facility in McLean, IL to serve as the hub for three existing bulk sites owned by BCS, LLC. Their main concern was ‘accuracy’ and ‘mixing ability’ in order to meet the growing demands on American growers. In addition to mixining capacity, BCS also needed a repacking station for filling totes quickly and accurately on demand.

What We Designed

Starting with a full scale 3D rendering of the facility, FarmChem provided the roadmap, competative pricing, installation crews, and industry leading automation through its partnership with KSi Automation. Using KSi software, the McLean facility operates 8 stainless steel tanks, 6 fertilizer tanks, 12 mini bulk tanks, and 2 mixing tanks all from one computer interface.

  •  Type of Business: Retail Dry, Liquid Fertilizer, Crop Protection, and Seed Treating Hub
  • Products Offered: Dry Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Crop Protection, Seed, and Seed Treating, Soil Testing
  • Type of Construction: Wood, Steel
  • Receive Product Via: Truck

 Dry Fertilizer

  • Dry Fertilizer Storage: Yes
  • Dry Fertilizer Storage Capacity: 1,000 tons
  • Number of Storage Bins: 4
  • Receiving Capacity: 60 TPH
  • Batch Sizes Offered: 8 ton
  • Blending: Yes
  • Blending Type: Drum Mixer
  • Number of Materials in Typical Blend: 4

 Liquid Fertilizer

  • Liquid Fertilizer Storage: Yes
  • Liquid Fertilizer Storage Capacity: 720,000 gal
  • Types of Liquids Stored: 28%, 32%, Thiosulfate, Starter
  • Diked: Yes
  • Dike System: Concrete
  • Control System/Automation: KSi Autobulk

 Crop Protection

  • Crop Protection Chemicals: Yes
  • Bulk Chemical Storage Capacity: 50,000 gal
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Load Out Capacity: 350-400 GPM
  • Diked: Yes
  • Mixing: Yes

 Seed & Seed Treating

  • Seed Storage: Yes
  • Storage Capacity: Arrowsmith - 5 tanks
  • Seed Treating: Yes
  • Control System/Automation: KSi

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