How To Calibrate Fill-Rite 800 & 900 Series Meters

Let's get those meters accurate.

We're going to cover how to calibrate your Fill-Rite 800 and 900 meters, but we need to mention a few things before we into the process.

First, double check which way the direction of flow is in your system. You can do this be looking for the arrow on the back of the meter. Whichever way it is pointing, that's the direction of flow.

If you haven't installed your meter yet, you need to do so. We have how-to videos on Fill-Rite meters linked below:

Install a Fill-Rite 800 Series Mechanical Meter on a pump
Install a Fill-Rite 900 Series Mechanical Meter on a FR300 or FR700 pump
Install a Fill-Rite 900 Series Mechanical Meter on a FR4200 pump

You will also need a container that has a known volume. This is what you will be basing your calibration off of. Also have a flat blade screwdriver and a rag (to remove any residual fluid) on hand.

Finally, make sure to wear proper PPE when you do this project. Now, let's get started:

  1. If you have used your meter before, zero your meter
  2. Fill a container of a known volume with the fluid you are pumping
  3. Once the container is filled, check the meter register and compare what is being shown on the meter to what the volume of the container is.
  4. If the meter shows more or less than the known quantity, you will need to adjust the calibration screw:
    - On 800 mechanical meters, this is above the outlet port
    - On 900 mechanical meters, this is below the outlet port on a diagonal
  5. To access the calibration screw, you will need to remove the seal screw and the o-ring covering it. You should see the calibration screw after that
  6. Use the screw driver to turn the calibration screw. If the meter reads more than the amount in the container, turn the screw counterclockwise. If the meter reads less than the amount in the container, turn the screw clockwise. One full turn is about 1/10th of a gallon.
  7. Repeat the process until the shown amount matches what is in the container
  8. Replace the seal screw and o-ring