How To Install A Fill-Rite 900 Series Mechanical Meter On A FR4200 Series Pump

Use these eight steps to install a 900 series meter on a FR4200 series pump

The Fill-Rite 900 Series Mechanical Meter on three different meter: the FR300, FR700 and the FR4200. We'll cover how to install this meter on FR4200 pumps in this post, but you'll need a little background information.

The steps listed numerically below are taken from the video linked above. You will need to purchase the following items to complete installation:

  • KIT120FLG - Replacement Flange Kit for FR4200 and FR4400 Series pumps
  • 1" diameter pipe nipple with NPT threads (4" or longer is recommended)

Also, be sure check the back of the pump and find the arrow to signify flow direction. Based on your system, the ports can be rotated to match your system of flow. Like the video linked above, we will be basing these instructions on a left to right flow.

Let's roll into the assembly process:

  1. Remove both port plugs from the meter
  2. Remove the attached inlet flange from the meter by removing the fasteners
  3. Ensure the o-ring is seated correctly around the meter's inlet port. If necessary, replace it with the new o-ring supplied in the kit
  4. Attach the flange from the flange kit to the meter's inlet port using the provided fasteners
  5. Apply thread sealant to both ends of the pipe nipple
  6. Insert the pipe nipple into the outlet port of the pump. Hand tighten, then use a pipe wrench to go an extra 1.5 to 3 turns to secure
  7. Screw the meter assembly onto the pipe nipple. Hand tighten, then use a pipe wrench to tighten securely
  8. Install remaining accessories