How to Install A Fill-Rite H-Series Fuel Transfer Pump

H-Series pumps can be installed in 11 steps. Make sure a professional does the electrical work though.

If you have a Fill-Rite H-Series transfer pump you need to install onto a mobile fuel transfer tank, check out the video or walkthrough listed below to get a installation walkthrough.

  1. Measure the depth of your tank to figure out how long the suction pipe needs to be. The pipe can work within a tank that is 20" to 34-1/2" inches. NOTE: If the tank is too tall or too short, you will need to buy an alternate pipe. It's recommended to use a 1" NPT black iron pipe. Cut the pipe 1" to 2" short of the bottom at a 45° angle to allow for the best flow into the pipe
  2. Apply thread sealant to the pipe's threads
  3. Thread the pipe into the inlet bung until it is handtight. Use a wrench to tighten it 1 to 3 turns more.
  4. Apply thread sealant to the inlet bung
  5. Install the suction pipe and attached pump into the tank
  6. Attach the switch lever with provided locking nut and secure it in the off position
  7. Attach the nozzle boot to the switch plate using the provided 5/16" bolt
  8. Once pump is secure, remove the junction box cover by loosening its two screws. Make sure the pump is wired by a licensed electrician in compliance with local, state and national electrical codes
  9. On 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 115 VAC units, there will be two wires: one black, one red. If you see two red wires, make sure to remove the junction box cover to reveal the full length of the wires. On AC models, there will be three wires: one black, one white and one green. The green is attached to the internal ground screw
  10. Once wiring is set, reattach the junction box cover.
  11. Attach appropriate accessories